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At Engima, we want to bring new faces to the team to manage our ever growing library of gameservers.

We are looking for some new members of Staff to assist us with some current servers and new servers!
There is strict requirements needed for these positions.

ALL new Staff members must know basic Linux operations, the ability to use a CLI Terminal using SSH and must be able to produce a Public Key for ourselves.

Furthermore, we are looking for peeps with previous experience running gameservers through SSH (FYI, we don't use "Gamerserver managers") and the decision process WILL BE STRICT!

If you wish to apply, please PM myself with the following:

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Which server would you like to manage?:[/b]
[b]Do you know how to use SSH and basic Linux operations using CLI?:[/b]
[b]Your Public Key:[/b]
[b]Previous experience running servers:[/b]
[b]Do you understand that when you undertake this position that your are bound by a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for the duration of your position and if you are found to have broken this NDA, your Staff position will be removed with immediate effect without notice:[/b] Yes/No
I look forward to your applications.

PS. If you have applied for a staff position before, you will need to apply again!!

I am very happy to announce that I have launched our brand new game server “Enigma Don’t Starve Together” today, Sunday 24th September 2017

It is set to “Endless” and can support up to 12 players and is located on our newer game server hardware in France

The game server admin for the 'Don’t Starve Together' Server will be by long time member, Shadowspy. Shadowspy will become the point of contact for any issues that arise.

I hope that you enjoy the game and if you have any issues, please report either to Shadowspy directly or post in our new sub-forum.

[UPDATE:] Server has been launched and you can access out dedicated forum for it here.

I am very happy to announce that we will be bringing online a new Battlefield 2 Server in the coming weeks.

Full details as to what is involved, will be released at a later time.

We will have more server news coming in the next few days!!
The following is a Dev Blog post created over on https://blog.enigma.gg
It is served as a platform for discussion about the creation and development of Enigma.

Hi everyone.

I have been wanting to make this blog post for a while, but I had been refraining in the hopes that this situation would have improved.

Since the beta launch of Enigma back in May, I have been working to bring a new server online, new gameservers online and a new forum ready for our launch on September 4th.

Unfortunately, in the last month, between a busy schedule and my motivation for working on Enigma has simply not been there.

I am not announcing any closures on Enigma…far from it…
I am merely putting Enigma on hiatus until the new year.

I am hoping that in December when things get a bit quieter, that we can look at Enigma and get it started again in the new year.

What about the servers?
  • I will do my best to keep them up-to-date where possible, but I will not be able to add new features to it.​
What about the forums, TeamSpeak and Discord?
  • These will all stay online and I will be around.​
What about staff applications?
  • Any applications that we have received up until now has been put on hold until December and we will look at them again afterwards.​
  • A) That is not a question. B) Enigma is not dead. Just on hiatus. Big difference!​
Thanks for understanding and we will be back to you in the very near future.
The following is a Dev Blog post created over on https://blog.enigma.gg
It is served as a platform for discussion about the creation and development of Enigma.

As with everything that I have done with Enigma. The design is not final and that is proven very true today, as I reveal the brand new Enigma.gg branding.

This branding will be used across all of Enigma. From the site, to servers and more!




This change is rolling out today across this blog, the website and slowly on other services.

Additionally, we have launched our Twitter account.

No, we are not going to be promoting anything or ‘heckling’ for followers. It is going to be used as a service for members who wish to keep up with website activity when they are not on the site. It is literally a Twitterfeed service where threads/news/whatever will be automatically posted.

It is un-monitored (I will get emails about activity though) and I will probably not log into it that often.


Now, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the 1st August 2017, which means that we are about a month away from our tentative launch.

This month, will be the transition period…where we phase out enigma and start slowly bringing in Enigma elements.

More on that in the next couple of weeks.

Servers: I am happy with the CSGO servers at the moment and will be doing touch ups to the servers in the next couple of weeks.

  • I was hoping to have 3 CSGO servers at launch, but we’ll keep the 3rd one till after Launch!
  • Minecraft still needs to be done.
    If you wish to help, email me info@enigma.gg
  • And I have decided to put...
The following is a Dev Blog post created over on https://blog.enigma.gg
It is served as a platform for discussion about the creation and development of Enigma.​

In April, I set out to create Enigma to be a new adult gaming community and today, we are taking the first major step in this process.

Launching our first game server.

Today, we have launched “ENGA CSGO #1 (de_ maps)” to the public as a development bed for the future!

We wanted to start off with something simple that we know that we would be able to get players interested in.

de_ maps (Such as de_dust2, de_inferno, de_nuke etc) on a true 128-tick server!

We used SteamCMD’s scripts to download the required files to make CSGO run along with a custom ‘start’ script that allows us to easily start/stop/update the server without having to be typing a very long command to save ourselves time and to prevent any errors when launching or updating the server.

We then added the community created SourceMod (and MetaMod) to bring administration into the game. In my opinion, it is an essential piece of kit that is required for Source servers.

We needed a way to a manage bans and appeals and there was no other choice but SourceBans++. Now with it’s compatibility with MariaDB (which we use for our MySQL databases) in more recent versions, it allows us to easily integrate it with the rest of Enigma without having to change infrastructures.

And finally, we added ServerAdvertisements3. A simple SourceMod plugin that allows us to insert text adverts into the game letting gamers know who we are and what the server is.

As I have explained already, everything is subject to change and nothing is final!

This post, along with others, are available on our new, Dev Blog at -> http://blog.enigma.gg/?p=18

As I am working away on building Enigma, I wanted to detail as to what we are using to power the community.

1) XenForo

XF has proven to be an effective forum software built by ex developers of vBulletin.
Since 2013, it has quickly become one of the best Forum software. Price doesn’t even come into it as every penny is worth and in my opinion, you do get your monies worth.

We have decided to pair this with XenPorta 2 to give us a pseudo-CMS for XenForo and is available now. Go to https://enigma.gg and click on “Home”. Once this has populated, I will move this all around.

Furthermore, we have decided to go with a dark theme for our website with a background slider featuring user curated wallpapers. If you wish to add a pic to this, see this thread: https://enigma.gg/index.php?threads/backgrounds-for-the-website.18/

2) ZenDesk

We were using OSTicket when we were on NGM, but this wasn’t too great…you couldn’t do paragraphs ffs.

Anyway, after using ZenDesk everyday for the last 2 years at my full time job, I have decided to avail of it for Enigma. The one thing I love about it is how simple and clean it is on our website. Every page on Enigma has it and can be used for all sorts of questions. (Feedback, ban appeals etc)

3) Hetzner & OVH

Hetzner and OVH have become vital components for us as that is what is used to run everything. From our sites, to our emails, to our gameservers.

Hetzer will power our website through and through with high output power to ensure minimal downtime.

OVH (Specifically SoYouStart) is going to be powering some of our game servers such as CSGO, Minecraft and more. Great specs on these servers ensure that the game servers do not “lag” and a potential to do 128-tick CSGO servers at launch!

Finally, Trello. The cork board for Enigma, ensuring that our path is set and...​
Hi everyone.

Today, I am very happy to announce the launch of the Enigma.gg Website and Support Services.
While the servers are not ready quite yet, we wanted to launch this as a platform to listen to you, the people!

We are taking suggestions, queries and more regarding the game servers via the relevant forums.
You can sign up for Enigma by clicking on the button on the top-right corner of the screen.

We are also launching our help desk. You can use the "(?) Support" button on the bottom left of our pages in order to get in contact with us. You can also email support@enigma.gg (Same place)

We will make it our best effort to get resolve your query as fast as possible!


Details about the game servers will be made available in due course.

P.S. - Everything is pretty much a WIP, so nothing is final and subject to change.
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