I am looking to restart Enigma

But not in the way that you think!

Before Nologam took off to be one of the biggest JC2MP servers, the site was a news site for gaming with the community forums and the servers as a side-project. Since the shutdown of Nologam/Enigma last year, I have been working on a couple of blogs in my spare time.

Now, I am looking to create a PC Gaming centric news website. News, Reviews, Esports, Hardware, Software and more! At the start, community forum/discord/server is NOT a focus. I want to establish content creation on Enigma, with news and opinions. In the future, we can look to have a Discord server but again, it is NOT a primary focus.

As I am managing 3 other blogs by myself, I would like to invite others to voluntarily write for Engima. This can be a news article, a review of a game or some other opinion piece. It will be highlighted on Social Media (Through Facebook & Twitter).

If you are interested in joining in the creation of Enigma in 2020, please let me know by emailing info@enigma.gg.


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