The focus of what I wanted Enigma to be after the fallout of Nologam was muddled.
I did but I also didn't want to create a 'gaming community'.
What I wanted to create was a 'Community', for everyone!

Unfortunately, this didn't work out... Not that I am dissapointed or anything.
So, I have taken the time over the last couple of years to decide on the future.

I have created a 'Community Forum', for geeks, nerds, weebs and everyone in-between! and it's solely going to be that.
No Discord, No Social Media*, using purely Open-Source Software.
While 'Enigma' is a great name and '' is a great domain, it doesn't fit with the direction that I am planning to go.

Today, I am revealing to the world: shinjuku39

About the Site:

* The site is built on Discourse - Open Source Forum Software.
* Zero advertisements. Now and the future.
* Only 'Google Analytics' - No other tracking information (I do plan to change this to an Open-Source alternative, but that is coming later)
* Free! No premium or plus tiers. Donations are welcome (This will come later)

The website:

* I plan to only use Twitter to communicate outages but it will not be managed outside of that.